Owain Franks


Owain was a partner in PwC for 21 years, being a member of the UK firm's Management Board with specific responsibility for the firm's strategy as well as being Managing Partner of the firm's UK, European and Global Human Resource Consulting practices, which collectively had a turnover of $3bn. Many of his personal clients came from the Oil & Gas industry giving him strategic insight into this industry and, over the years, he has worked for many of the world's super majors and many smaller start-up enterprises. He frequently writes and lectures on the interlinked subjects of organisational culture, governance, leadership and change.


Chris Holtom CBE


Chris manages the technical aspects of our data processing, is the project manager for our knowledge and datastores, and is also responsible for training our analysts and running bespoke courses, where appropriate, for clients. He was formerly the British Army's Director of the Intelligence Corps and Chief Executive Defence Intelligence and Security Centre at Chicksands. He has extensive experience working with governments around the world, helping them better to manage their information.


Hamish Macdonald OBE


Hamish is responsible for the energy portfolio with considerable knowledge of the Nigerian upstream sector. He is also lead director on our Liaison and Mediation service that helps broker transnational understanding and agreements. He is a director of an associate company Ofour, a business process outsourcing company operating in West Africa. His wide operational experience in the British Armed Forces includes the command of the Queen's Dragoon Guards.


Anthony Franks OBE


Anthony is responsible for managing and controlling the extensive information networks, as well as directing and working with the analysis team to create reports for clients, and also works with Hamish in the Liaison and Mediation service. Anthony is an Arabic interpreter with long experience of living and working in the Mediterranean and Middle East especially in the fields of operational, business and political risk. He has broad commercial experience in the risk management, security and intelligence fields following 26 years service in British military intelligence.


Peter Quest

Managing Partner

Peter is responsible for managing Mars Omega Partnership Ltd's finance and business administration. A PwC partner for 21 years, Peter was responsible for computer assurance assignments for a range of clients and held management positions including Managing Partner of the Computer Assurance division and Chief Operating Officer for the London office.